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Updated: 2014-05-12 07:42



PinyinView (PYView) is an Objective-C class for Cocoa framework to display annotated Pinyin text above Chinese characters (Hanzi).


Basically, PYView can be embeded into your app like this:

#include "PYView.h"

NSRect viewRect = NSMakeRect(50, 250, 700, 80);
view = [[PYView alloc] initWithFrame: viewRect
                            fontName: @"FZKai-Z03"
                               color: [NSColor whiteColor]];

NSArray *pinyin1 = [NSArray arrayWithObjects: @"nǐ", @"hǎo", nil];
NSArray *pinyin2 = [NSArray arrayWithObjects: @"zhōng", @"huá",
                    @"rén", @"mín", @"gòng", @"hé", @"guó", nil];

[view appendMarkerItem: [PYMarkerItem itemWithHanzi: @"你好"
                                             pinyin: pinyin1
                                               type: 1]];
[view appendMarkerItem: [PYMarkerItem itemWithHanzi: @"中华人民共和国"
                                             pinyin: pinyin2
                                               type: 1]];

For more details, check the PYViewTest project.


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