Created: 2015-05-24 19:41
Updated: 2017-03-02 19:47


Regulated Reader is a program I wrote in an attempt to cut down on the amount of binge-reading of webcomics I was doing. It goes through the archives of a site and generates an RSS feed that you can add to your RSS reader.


Getting started

To install dependencies:

virtualenv venv2
source venv2/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

Using a script

Pick a series you want to follow. For this example, we'll use Girl Genius, the script for which is You'll also need a URL you want to start with; here we'll use the first one, but you can pick any URL (in case you want to start in the middle of the series, for example if you've read the first half already.)

python init

This will create girlgenius.json and girlgenius.rss, with one entry: the URL you initialized it with. Now run


This will add the next comic in the series to the RSS feed. Every time the script is run, another comic is added.

You'll probably want to set up a cron job to add to the feed on your desired schedule; for example, here's my crontab entry for xkcd, to fill in between the Monday, Wednesday, and Friday updates:

37 2 * * tue,thu,sat cd /var/www/static/regulated-reader; venv2/bin/python

I have this set up to run on my webserver, so I point my RSS reader to

Please be considerate: pick a random number for the minute so the website isn't hammered by everyone's cronjobs fetching content at the top of the hour.

Writing a new script

Writing a new script is very easy. Here's the full script of

from regulated_reader import RegulatedReader

class GirlGenius(RegulatedReader):
	def __init__(self):  = 'girlgenius'
		self.title = "Girl Genius" = ""
		self.description = "Girl Genius Online Comic"
	def getnext(self, soup):
		return soup.find(id='topnext').get('href')

	def getinfo(self, soup):
		return {
			'title': 'Girl Genius for '+soup.find(id='datestring').text,
			'description': str(soup.find(id='comicbody'))


This breaks down into three functions:

  • __init__() should set up information about the feed. This is self-explanatory.
  • getnext() is passed a BeautifulSoup object, and should return the full URL to the next entry in the series. This should be simply a matter of finding the right selector and getting its href.
  • getinfo() is passed a BeautifulSoup object, and should return a dictionary of title and description. description can contain HTML; you will probably just find a selector in the document that contains the content you want. Important: description must be a string: if you return a BeautifulSoup object your script will crash with TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not callable when it tries to generate the RSS file.

Don't forget the ClassName().build() at the end of the script: if it's missing nothing will happen.

If you write a useful script, send a pull request!


  • Scripts are scattered around in this directory. I'd like to put them in a subdirectory, but I keep running into issues with Python library paths and the like.
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