Created: 2008-07-20 23:37
Updated: 2018-12-05 12:34
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Django Plugables


Django Plugables is a service that strives to help you get your Django projects off the ground quickly by providing a comprehensive listing of "pluggable" applications that you can add to your project.

The License(s)

Django Plugables' source code was made available by popular demand not only to simply bare all, but to also encourage people to learn from and contribute to the codebase. The source code (found in the applcations/ directory) is released under the BSD License which is included in the accompanying LICENSE file.

All rights are reserved on the following items if they are found in the repository:

  • Any and all items in the templates directory.
  • Any and all original items in the static directory (does not include items such as the Grid Framework or jQuery and its applicable plugins).

These creative works are supplied for educational purposes only and may not be distributed in any manner or form without express written permission from me. You are bound to these terms by coming in contact with this project, whether through the repository or through a released download. Besides, stealing is bad karma.

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