Created: 2008-07-20 06:00
Updated: 2018-04-16 01:49

Say what?

Project Status: Unsupported – The project has reached a stable, usable state but the author(s) have ceased all work on it. A new maintainer may be desired.

This is a TextMate bundle that you can use to make building Shoes apps just a bit easier. For more information, you probably want to go somewhere else...

What is Shoes?

Shoes is a tiny toolkit.

...but seriously, what is it?

Try the Shoes Wiki, also here on GitHub.

Why would I want to use this TextMate thing with Shoes?

If you are on a Macintosh, then TextMate is a really great choice for editing stuff.

Ok, I'm convinced... Now what?

Well, feel free to fork, edit, clone, etc. this repository. If you just want to install, you can use the "download" button at the top. Once you've downloaded and unzipped everything, just make sure to rename the folder to "shoes.tmbundle". Then code away!

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