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This extension provides documentation for Radiant and any installed extensions.

Installing Help is as easy as any other Radiant extension. Drop it into your vendor/extensions directory.

Once the extension is installed, you must ensure that your application will load the Help extension before loading any extensions that rely on the help regions. To do so, edit your config/environment.rb to load Help first:

Radiant::Initializer.run do |config|
	config.extensions = [ :help, :all ] 

Help provides basic information for the average user at admin/help, but also provides documentation for tasks and features available to developers and admins at admin/help_role/developer and admin/help_role/admin. Additionally, any extensions loaded with HELP files may be found at /admin/help_extension/:extension_name/:role but a list of links is automatically generated for your clicking pleasure.

For more information about developing for Help, install it and go to /admin/help_extension/help/developer or read the included HELP_developer.rdoc

Some content taken from http://radiantcms.org/

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