Created: 2008-07-15 11:14
Updated: 2016-05-08 10:44


If you've ever wanted to automatically add a coloured border to an image, then this ruby script might come in handy.

add_border.rb does exactly what you expect; it adds a border. You can specify the outer and inner sizes, and the colour of the inner border between. By default, this colour will be the average RBG value, giving you an awesome look by default.

To use it, just run ruby ./add_border.rb, or chmod +x it, and run ./add_border.rb. Available arguments are:

  • --help or -h for help.
  • --color, or -c to specify the border colour
  • --inner, or -i for the inner (coloured) border thickness
  • --outer or -o for the outer (black) border thickness
  • remaining arguments are considered filenames to process.

The script will output files whose names are the same, but with _border added before the filetype suffix, so that my_image.jpg would become my_image_border.jpg.

You can get it from:

  • svn
  • Github (preferred) as I probably won't update SVN anymore.

add_border.rb requires RMagick.

Note: I lost the original description page when I nuked my site. So this is a new one.

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