Created: 2015-03-25 09:28
Updated: 2017-06-03 10:27

Principles of Programming Languages 2016

This repository contains all source files wrote during exercise lectures.


(23/03/16) The first lecture covers the basics of Scheme (lambdas, how to define functions and variables, bindings, lists), tail recursion, basic constructs (if, cond, and begin), homoiconicity.

(30/03/16) The second lecture covers Scheme vectors, evaluation strategy, structs, functions with indefinite number of arguments and an introduction to higher order functions (map, filter)

(13/04/16) The third lecture covers fold, custom higher order functions and macro.

(14/04/16) First homework published (not mandatory)

(04/05/16) The fourth lecture covers closures and continuations in Scheme and the basics of Prolog

(06/05/16) The fifth lecture covers recursion with and without the accumulator pattern, higher order functions, equality predicates, numerical expressions and the cut operator. Furthermore the project track was presented (see PDF).

(01/06/16) Second and third homeworks published (not mandatory)

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