Created: 2008-07-04 13:43
Updated: 2015-11-05 04:40
License: mit


Lighthouse git hooks

© 2008 Antonin Amand

License MIT

Lighthouse git hooks provide git hooks for closing tickets in your git commit message.


# Install these gems if you don't already have them:
sudo gem install activeresource
sudo gem install activesupport
sudo gem install mime-types
sudo gem install open4

# Install and initialize this project:
git clone git://
cd lighthouse-git-hooks.git
git submodule init
git submodule update

# Create your config directory, so it can be referenced from the post-receive file:
cp -r spec/config_test config

edit config/general.yml and insert your values from lighthouse
cd config/users
mv gwik.yml your_name.yml
edit your_name.yml and insert your values from lighthouse
create a some_name.yml file for each other code committer on your git project


Setup the configuration, see spec/config_test for an example configuration directory

In the git repository that you push on :

cp hooks/post-receive (.git/)hooks/post-receive
chmod +x (.git/)hooks/post-receive

edit (.git/)hooks/post-receive
set CONFIG_DIR to the directory path where you set up the configuration
set LIB to lighthouse-git-hooks repository


# close ticket 3
[#3 state:resolved]

# assign ticket 4 to someone else
[#4 state:open assign:joe]

For bug reports or improvements please go to the Lighthouse

For anything else feel free to contact me :

Known bugs

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