Created: 2008-07-01 13:32
Updated: 2017-04-03 16:30

This repository exists to ease the setup of new shell accounts. It contains:

  • Shell configurations (bashrc, bash_aliases, inputrc etc)
  • Vim configurations (vimrc, etc)
  • Fonts
  • Any neato scripts I find
  • An install script.

The install script attempts to backup any existing dotfiles in a new folder called ~/dotfiles_old, and creates symlinks in their place that point to the associated files in your local Git cloned repo. If on a MacOS machine, it tries to install fonts to ~/Library/Fonts, otherwise the fonts will be located in ~/.fonts which will work in most Linux environments.



Attention MacOS Users

This configuration assumes you are using GNU coreutils rather than the ones shipped with your machine. This means that without the GNU versions things like ls will break. To remedy this, install homebrew by pasting this in your terminal:

ruby -e "$(url -fsSL"

Make a new shell source your ~/.profile by putting this in your ~/.bash_profile:

source ~/.profile

Put the following in your ~/.profile:

export PATH="$(brew --prefix coreutils)/libexec/gnubin:/usr/local/bin:$PATH
source ~/.bashrc

Then type:

brew install coreutils

And now Bob may or may not be your uncle.



This is a configuration that I like and it works for me. You are free to use it, but at your own risk.

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