Created: 2015-01-14 23:55
Updated: 2018-10-09 17:53
License: mit


An IRC Bot Written in Prolog

  • Multi-threaded extensible bot with a "pluggable" system.
  • Extensions are assumed to be mutually exclusive and will run concurrently.
  • Written with the SWI Prolog implementation -- SWI Prolog Website


Before doing anything, you must first install the irc_client pack for SWI-Prolog from the interpreter

?- pack_install(irc_client).

Aferwards, you must configure the bot using the settings tools in SWI-Prolog.

Examine (using swipl

If you would like to change which extensions are loaded on bot startup you must use:

% replace these plugin names with valid ones
?- set_extensions([plugin1, plugin2]).

Any other settings you need to change, you can change by doing:

?- set_setting(config:nick, examplebot).

You can check your current settings with:

?- setting(config:nick, examplebot).

When done persist them with:

?- save_settings.

They'll be saved in a new file, settings.db, in your working directory.

This file should not be added to git's managed files.

settings.db can be edited manually if you desire.

Do be aware that the default logs the bot onto ##prolog and ##math

Please bot responsibly.

Running the bot

After chmod 755, execute the bot like such:


Extending the bot

There are numerous demo plugins that come with Yesbot. A few of which includes a basic chat-logging extension and a TinyURL powered link shortener. The default setting for these extensions are the abovementioned. Extensions for Yesbot are very simple. They are basically Prolog predicates with the same name as their containing modules. All Yesbot extensions are required to have an arity of 1. Extensions should all take in one argument: a pair containing the Id of the connection and the current server line. The pair should be of the form Id-Msg. The main extension predicate should have the same name as the Prolog module itself (sans the .pl portion). The demo extension source code is located in the extensions directory. A warning: The majority of the extensions that come with this bot were designed for ##prolog usage. While they can be catered to work generically, they may require tinkering to get them to work for your use cases.

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