Created: 2008-03-07 05:10
Updated: 2016-05-11 21:30



This is my portfolio repository. It contains the following projects:


A TurboGears based bugtracker much like trac.


A system for administering the AEPS, which is an assessment given to kids that are developmentally disabled. Replaced AEPSi for the UO


A drupal plugin that exposes a SAML server specifically for use with Google Apps for Education -- this was a Google Summer of Code (2007) project


I claim that this project is the first opensource OpenID server that actually works. I was thrashing around trying to find a working OpenID server at 2 in the morning the day of the first coding sprint that the University of Oregon's ACM student club was running, and could find nothing that worked out of the box, so I wrote this. It requires the python JanRain OpenID libraries, SQLObject, and Kid.


I hacked up a quick whitepages search tool for the University of Oregon. The problem was that the Qwest website for searching the whitepages was not working at all well under safari. I downloaded the individual phonebook pages (they're available as .swf), used swfdump to extract the text. Then, I wrote a python script to extract the useful information out of the dump and place it in a MySQL database. The cgi script then presents this information in a useful manner.

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