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Helper Me Test

Providing quick and easy ways to create and write tests for your Rails helpers.


Assertions / Test Helper Methods

  • Tag Assertions:
    • assert_tag_in and assert_tag_not_in mirror the assert_tag method built into Rails. They work with the same option, only that they need a target string as the first parameter.
  • Selector Assertion:
    • assert_select_in works almost identically to assert_select does in Rails. It allows for a CSS selector to be matched against a HTML string target. It also accepts an equality expression and can be nested like assert_select.
  • Hpricot Assertion:
    • assert_hpricot_in, and assert_hpricot_not_in test that a given CSS or XPath expression can be found in an HTML string. See Hpricot documentation for details.


Using Tag Assertions:

def test_some_html_string_with_assert_tag_in
  html = "<div><ul id="list"><li>one</li><li>two</li></ul><p id="content">hello world</p></div>"
  assert_tag_in html, :ul, :attributes => {:id => 'list'}, :child => {:tag => 'li'}
  assert_tag_in html, :p

Using Selector Assertions:

def test_some_html_string_with_assert_select_in
  html = "<div><ul id="list"><li>one</li><li>two</li></ul><p id="content">hello world</p></div>"
  assert_select_in html 'ul#list' do
    assert_select_in 'li'
  assert_select_in html,'p#content', 'hello world'

Using Hpricot Methods

def test_some_html_string_with_assert_hpricot_in
  html = "<div><ul id="list"><li>one</li><li>two</li></ul><p id="content">hello world</p></div>"
  assert_hpricot_in html, 'ul[@id="list"][li="one"]'
  assert_hpricot_in html, 'p[@id="content"]'

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