Created: 2008-06-22 18:58
Updated: 2018-09-30 11:26


A Stupidly Simple Beanstalk -> Jabber Gateway

I've got various things that run that are written in various languages. Some of those languages don't have XMPP libraries available (or at least, easy to use ones), but most have a beanstalk interface. The ones that don't can have one very easily.

This bot sits on a beanstalk tube and waits for simple messages to arrive and follows their instructions. The message structure is excessively simple.

Messages will not be delivered if the user is offline, or the user's status is set to dnd (do not disturb).

Message Structure

[recipient] [various text]

recipient may be either status to update the bot's status, or an arbitrary group name. Anyone who's on the bot's roster will receive the message unless they've specifically ignored it.

The remaining text is what gets set as the status or delivered.


Setting the Bot's Status

status Look, I have a new status now.

Sending an IM

problem Holy crap, something just went wrong.
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