Created: 2008-06-22 07:22
Updated: 2018-07-05 22:05


Things Export 1.0

Written by Loren Segal in 2008. Licensed under MIT license.


Exports your todo items to a simple webpage using scp. It is recommended that you add your public key to your remote SSH server for this to work smoothly.


things-export requires the environment variable THINGS_REMOTE_PATH to be set to the public www directory that the page will be copied to. You can set this manually per session or in your ~/.profile file with:


Note the username and host that need to be changed.

You can optionally specify the THINGS_AUTHOR environment variable which will put your name in the title, ex. "Loren Segal's ToDo List". Defaults to "My ToDo List".

Finally, type ruby things-export.rb --install after configuring your environment variables to copy over the necessary support files to the remote server. This will also export your database for the first time. After the support files are copied, you no longer need to run the script with --install.


After things-export is installed on the remote server, simply use ruby things-export.rb to update the remote just the index file. If there is nothing to update, no connection will be made. You can force an update with -f. Ideally, you can run this script from a cron-job to update your Things todo list every now and then.

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