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Merges share_layouts and nested_layouts, making the whole layout adventure a lot more enjoyable

Share Layouts


Allows Rails controllers/actions to use Radiant layouts as their "layout". content_for blocks are mapped to page parts, with the exception of :title and :breadcrumbs, which map to their specific default tags. The default content, or @content_for_layout, is mapped to the 'body' part.

Inside a controller Controller

SomeController < SiteController
  radiant_layout 'Layout name'

# or

  radiant_layout { |controller| c.action_name == "index" ? "main" : "alt" }

# and

  def delete
    @radiant_layout = 'delete'

radiant_layout takes the same options as the built-in layout. To specifically override the Radiant layout and use a standard Rails one use :layout => "mine", or :layout => false for no layout, as options to render.

To choose a different Radiant layout, set the @radiant_layout instance variable to the name of a Radiant layout in your controller or view.


  • Merged into radiant-layouts-extension, Dirk Kelly, August 2010

  • Updated to work with 0.8 RC1 by: Johannes Fahrenkrug (http://springenwerk.com), May 22, 2009

  • Created by: Sean Cribbs (seancribbs AT gmail DOT com), September 20, 2007

  • Thanks to John Long for clarifying and simplifying the process for me!

  • Thanks to xtoddx for improving the tests and support for tags that use the request and response.

  • Thanks to Digital Pulp, Inc. for funding the initial development of this extension as part of the Redken.com project.

Nested Layouts


Nested Layouts enables reuse of a top-level "master" layout (one that contains your tags and the overall structure/wrapper of your site) for several different "nested" layouts (i.e. a one-column layout and a two-column layout). Keep your layouts DRY!

A simple example is of the following wrapper and page layout

<!-- Application Layout -->
  <body class="<r:layout />">
    <r:content_for_layout />

<!-- Page Layout -->
<r:inside_layout name='Application'>

This would render the following if Page Layout was called

  <body class="<r:layout />">


Haml Layouts



Write your layouts and radius tags in haml, with support for nested layouts and radius attributes

// Parent Layout - with content/type set as 'haml'
%div{:id=>"parent",:title=>"<r:title />"}
// Child Layout - with content/type set as 'haml'

<div id="parent" title="some title">
    some title

Integrates the work of SaturnFlyer creating a haml_filter on pages and snippets. Additional task involved.

changing the order which objects with this type are renders. The content is turned into html before the radius tags are passed.


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