Created: 2008-06-20 16:32
Updated: 2018-11-07 19:46

Noah's Configuration Files

This repo is a menagerie of my configuration files from various times in my life. Right now it most notably contains my bash and keyboard configurations.

Keyboard customizations:

  1. switch keyboard layout to Noah Dvorak
  2. when holding down the Option modifier, keys on home row insert parentheses and braces.
  3. swap the right Command and Option keys

Bash configuration

  1. Custom prompt shows time, cwd, and git branch
  2. A few aliases to make things more convenient
  3. Git branch tab-completion
  4. Extra commands:
    • killport kills the process at the specified port
    • deletes local git branches that have been merged to master


To use these configurations, run:

$ ./

After finishes, you'll have to reboot, and then run:

$ ./

Then you'll need to open System Preferences > Language & Text and change your input source to 'Noah Dvorak'.

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