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CouchIO for Ruby

Written by Loren Segal in 2008, licensed under MIT license.


CouchIO is a simple VFS for Ruby, adding support to open, read and write CouchDB resource URI's as if they were local files. The API intuitively uses the existing File and Dir API to read and write. The goal is to emulate Ruby's Dir and File implementation for the filesystem completely. Not all of the interface has been implemented, but basic read/write support is currently available. In addition to database support, CouchIO has support for both documents and attachments.


Accessing Databases & Documents

In CouchIO, the Dir filesystem equivalent of a directory is a CouchDB database. The equivalent of a File is a CouchDB document or a CouchDB attachment, depending on how the data is written.

The only difference between accessing files and directories and accessing documents and databases is that you need to specify the full URI including the "couch://" scheme prefix, not "http://" (to differentiate from open-uri support).

Writing Documents & Attachments

Like with writing to files, you need to use the 'a' append mode flag if you wish to append to the file. If you do not use this for a Couch resource, it will overwrite all of your contents.

To write data to a document, your data must be a Hash. To write data to an attachment, your data must be a String. As you will see in the examples, writing a string will force the resource to be saved as an attachment while writing hash contents will save it as a document.

Note About Saving

Saving is done when the file is closed. There is a save method that can be manually called, however, to maintain filesystem independence, it should never be called.


List databases:

Dir.entries("couch://localhost:5984/") #=> ['todo', 'test']

Create a database:


Delete a database:


List documents in a database:

Dir.entries("couch://localhost:5984/todo") #=> ['fix_car', 'wash_dishes', ...]
# - OR -"couch://localhost:5984/todo").each do |p|
  puts p

Open and read a document:"couch://localhost:5984/todo/fix_car").read 
#=> {'_id' => 'fix_car', 'text' => 'Need to fix car!', 'time' => 'June 20th 2008 10:55AM'}
# Same as:"couch://localhost:5984/todo/fix_car")

Open a document for append-writing:"couch://localhost:5984/todo/fix_car", 'wa') do |f|
  f.write 'text' => 'Need to fix car NOW!!!'
#=> {'_id' => 'fix_car', 'text' => 'Need to fix car NOW!!!', 'time' => 'June 20th 2008 10:55AM'}

Write an attachment (document must exist):"couch://localhost:5984/test/doc/foo.txt", 'w') do |f|
  f.write "hello world"

Read an attachment:"couch://localhost:5984/test/doc/foo.txt") #=> "hello world"


CouchIO is free software written by Loren Segal under the MIT license. If you meet him, give him props.

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