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Updated: 2018-10-27 08:37


PageLess - endless page


Pageless is a jQuery plugin. As you scroll down you see more results coming back at you automatically. It provides an automatic pagination in an accessible way : if javascript is disabled your standard pagination is supposed to work.


  • currentPage: current page (params[:page])
  • distance: distance to the end of page in px when ajax query is fired
  • loader: selector of the loader div (ajax activity indicator)
  • loaderHtml: html code of the div if loader not used
  • loaderImage: image inside the loader
  • loaderMsg: displayed ajax message
  • pagination: selector of the paginator divs. (if javascript is disabled paginator is required)
  • params: paramaters for the ajax query, you can pass auth_token here
  • totalPages: total number of pages
  • url: URL used to request more data
  • method: HTML method for call URL, default - get
  • scrape: A function to modify the incoming data. (Doesn't do anything by default)
  • complete: A function to call when a new page has been loaded (optional)
  • end: A function to call when the last page has been loaded (optional)


Then just navigate to http://localhost:3000 and enjoy!

Demo (Rails 3)

Demo is a Rails 3 app that just runs. It demonstrates the basic usage of pageless scrolling.

$ bundle install
$ rails s

Then just navigate to http://localhost:3000 and enjoy!


$('#results').pageless({ totalPages: 10
                       , url: '/articles/'
                       , loaderMsg: 'Loading more results'

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