Created: 2008-06-02 03:43
Updated: 2018-12-04 16:05

The Clearcut Framework

No warranties are given for this software's suitability for any purpose, security, safety or anything else - the software is distributed AS IS and is governed by the Gnu Public License:

Clearcut is a simple dependency injection, object-relational mapping and logging framework for Java and which avoids the complexity of XML configuration files.

I wrote it because I had spare time once I started creating web applications in Ruby on Rails. The only third party framework included is JUnit, and the JDBC drivers for MySQL and M$SQL. I avoided Hibernate, Spring and Log4J among other examples of large and over-complex Java frameworks.

The files are arranged in the Maven convention (src/main/java and src/test/java) but I found I could do without Maven itself. The tests are run by finding the test classes using FIND and SED, venerable Unix commands available on all platforms including Windows (using Cygwin). See run.this.

See for an explanation of dependency injection, and for this pattern's most well-known implementation.

To build and test this framework, you need a version of Unix. If using Windows, download Cygwin from and run the Cygwin shell. CD into the folder containing this file and type


This builds and tests the framework. You may need to install MySQL and run the script build.mysql in the dat/ folder in the folder containing this file. If using Microsoft SQL Server, run build.sqlserver and remove the semicolon at the beginning of the 'm$_url' line in file app.ini.

You can also test the web application. For example, using the Geronimo application server:

cp app.ini /opt/geronimo-1.0/clearcut-example-app.ini

export JAVA_HOME=/usr/bin

cd /opt/geronimo-1.0/bin

java -jar server.jar &

  • this starts Geronimo (other application servers, eg. Tomcat, are similar).

Point web browser at


Log in (User: system Password: manager)

Install new application

Choose clearcut-example.war from the bin/ folder below this one

Click 'Install'

Wait a few seconds

Point web browser at


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