Created: 2008-06-01 08:01
Updated: 2018-11-28 01:01



erlang_twitter is a client library to the Twitter API. Using it is simple:

1> inets:start().
2> Auth = {"ngerakines", "secretpassword!"}.
3> twitter_client:status_mentions(Auth, []).
twitter_client:status_mentions({"ngerakines", "secretpassword"}, []).
[{status,"Mon Nov 16 13:07:54 +0000 2009","5764367829",
         "@ngerakines Have a safe trip back. Great seeing you & meeting @jacobvorreuter",
         {user,"15592821","Francesco Cesarini","FrancescoC",

The module layout is relatively simple and self explanatory. Each of the Twitter API methods map directly to a module function. For example, the Twitter API "statuses/friends_timeline.xml" can be accessed using twitter_client:status_friends_timeline/4.

Each API method function has the same function parameters. They are a string representing the root API url, the login and password for the account and then a list of API method specific arguments. API methods that do not use certain arguments ignore them.

The status and user records as defined in twitter_client.hrl represent statuses and users as returned by API requests.


  • Add support for search.
  • Add support for trends.
  • Add support for lists.
  • Document existing OAuth support.
  • Add support for the streaming API.


  • Harish Mallipeddi
  • Joshua Miller
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