Created: 2008-05-31 21:02
Updated: 2019-02-25 09:46
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Scala Maven Plugin

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The scala-maven-plugin (previously maven-scala-plugin) is used for compiling/testing/running/documenting Scala code in Maven.

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Currently, you need Maven 3.x & JDK 8 to build the plugin, create the site, and run integration-test.


  • ./mvnw package : generate jar
  • ./mvnw site : generate the plugin website
  • ./mvnw integration-test : ./mvnw package + run all integration test
    • note: to run test_scalaHome: you have to set scala.home property in src/it/test_scalaHome/pom.xml to correspond to your environment. See Build section above for a simple setup.
  • ./mvnw invoker:run -Dinvoker.test=test1 : run integration test 'test1' useful for tuning/debug
  • ./mvnw install : ./mvnw integration-test` + publish on local maven repository
  • ./mvnw install -Dmaven.test.skip=true : ./mvnw install` without run of unit test and run of integration test
  • release :
    • gpg --use-agent --armor --detach-sign --output $(mktemp) pom.xml to avoid issue on macosx with gpg signature see [MGPG-59] GPG Plugin: "gpg: signing failed: Inappropriate ioctl for device" - ASF JIRA
    • ./mvnw release:prepare && ./mvnw release:perform : to publish on staging repository via plugin
    • ./mvnw site package source:jar javadoc:jar install:install gpg:sign deploy:deploy changes:announcement-generate -Dmaven.test.skip=true -DperformRelease=true : manual
    • connect to close and release the request(about scala-maven-plugin) in staging repositories
    • browse the updated mvnsite (check version into samples, ...)


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