Created: 2011-07-19 02:35
Updated: 2013-12-13 02:54


A lightweight python module designed to make managing a CraftBukkit Minecraft server just a bit simpler. Built in support for screen, multiuser for more than one admin. Runs automated backups using a cron job.


  • Download new minecraft server versions
  • Start, stop and restart your server in a screen shell
  • GNU Screen integration
  • Connect to screen easily with `./manage.py connect'
  • Support for multiple users of screen instances
  • Automated backups via cronjobs
  • Automatically detects test server via folder name
  • Support for varying memory defaults for test server (prefix directory with test_


Usage: manage.py [options] [download | start | stop | restart | connect | deploy]

Used to manage bukkit server. Relies on bukkitmanage.conf file for some

  --version      show program's version number and exit
  -h, --help     show this help message and exit
  -v, --verbose  print debug data

Be sure to run touch .bukkitmanage.conf or you will experience errors. Config can be accessed in bukkitmanager/config.py

Note: deploy command is not yet used.

Should reside in the root of your minecraft server. More info and documentation to come.

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