Created: 2011-07-19 02:17
Updated: 2015-11-29 02:20


Ordr.in Javascript API

A Javascript wrapper for the Restaurant, User, and Order APIs provided by Ordr.in.


    Ordrin.initialize(api_developer_key, {site_domain}, [enable JSONP with 1 or true]);
// site_domain should be configured as an object, to use test api servers:
    //   { restaurant : 'https://r-test.ordr.in',
    //     user       : 'https://u-test.ordr.in',
    //     ordr       : 'https://o-test.ordr.in'
    //   }
    // JSONP should be typically enabled, unless this is going to run as a phonegap app or
    // if you are setting up a reverse proxy
    var time = new Date(); // uses Javascript's built-in Date object
    time.setASAP(); // overrides Date properties to ASAP
    var place = new Address(street, street2 [optional], city, zip, state [optional], phone [optional]);
    Address.validate() // runs all checks
    var subtotal = new Money("100");
    var tip = new Money("15");
// Restaurant API
    Ordrin.r.deliveryList(time, place, callbackFunction);
    Ordrin.r.deliveryCheck(restaurantID, time, place, callbackFunction);
    Ordrin.r.deliveryFee(restaurantID, subtotal, tip, time, place, callbackFunction);
    Ordrin.r.details(restaurantID, callbackFunction);

// User API
    Ordrin.u.makeAcct(email, password, firstName, lastName, callbackFunction); 
    Ordrin.u.setCurrAcct(email, password, callbackFunction); // set user account currently in use or "logged in"
    Ordrin.u.getAcct(callbackFunction); // get details on current user
    Ordrin.u.getAddress(addressNickname, callbackFunction);
    Ordrin.u.updateAddress(address, callbackFunction); // Address must be passed using API's built-in Address object
    Ordrin.u.deleteAddress(addressNickname, callbackFunction);
    Ordrin.u.getCard(cardNickname, callbackFunction);
    Ordrin.u.updateCard(cardNickname, nameOnCard, cardNumber, cardSecurityCode, expiryMonth, expiryYear, billAddress, callbackFunction);
    Ordrin.u.deleteCard(cardNickname, callbackFunction);
    Ordrin.u.orderHistory(orderID, callbackFunction); // if orderID left blank, all previous orders returned; ID returns specific details of order
    Ordrin.u.updatePassword(newPassword, callbackFunction);

// Order API
Ordrin.o.submit(restaurantID, tray, tip, time, email, firstName, lastName, deliveryAddress, nameOnCard, cardNumber, cardSecurityCode, expiry, billAddress)


If JSONP is being used, the name of the callback function must be passed in quotation marks as a string and without parentheses. In the case of a reverse origin proxy being used the callback function's name is not passed as a string; it is passed as a reference and also without parentheses. Ordrin.r.deliveryList(time, place, "callback_function"); // JSONP Ordrin.r.deliveryList(time, place, callback_function); // reverse origin proxy present

Take a peek inside src/demo/test.html for usage. API docs available at http://www.ordr.in/developers/api.

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