Created: 2011-07-18 22:16
Updated: 2013-10-14 20:13


Telesocial API Ruby gem

Telesocial's free calling API enables mobile calling in social networks. This is a Ruby interface to Telesocial API.


gem install telesocial

Usage - Examples

require 'telesocial'
client ='your_api_key') # Now, all telesocial methods are available to your client

# Method calls on the client returns a simple object that matches
# Telesocial's API response object.

# Register a user with username "eric" and phone number: 4054441212
response = client.register("eric", "4054441212")
puts response.status # => 201
puts response.uri # => "/api/rest/registrant/eric"

# Check a user's registration status
response = begin
           rescue Telesocial::NotFound
             # Registration not found;
              # Other errors

# Upload a file to be played to a registered user
media_id = client.create_media.mediaId
upload_request_grant_id = client.request_upload_grant(media_id)

uploaded_file_url = client.upload_file(upload_request_grant_id, "my_file_path.mp3")
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