Created: 2011-07-18 20:43
Updated: 2017-11-22 22:03



  • python 2.6+
  • BeautifulSoup (tolerant HTML parsing)
  • cherrypy (simple HTTP server)
  • jinja2 (template engine)

Getting Started

A step by step tutorial for Debian/Ubuntu users.

First install python and all necessary dependencies (please note: for probing ( you need only python and BeautifulSoup)

sudo apt-get install python python-setuptools
sudo easy_install BeautifulSoup cherrypy jinja2

Create the log and results directory:

mkdir -p logs results/local01

Do a first sample probe (this will create a new subfolder below results/local01):

./ results/local01

Wait a few seconds (or minutes) and do another sample probe:

./ results/local01

Now you will have two probes sitting below results/local01. To see the results we copy our sample config file and start up our HTTP monitor server:

./ results

Now direct your browser to http://localhost:8081/ and you should see a nice first status overview. You can add another probe anytime by calling as described above -- will poll the results directory for new probes every 5 seconds.

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