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Updated: 2019-01-18 19:35
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Android .apk files are available from downloads section of the github project.
Additionally, the application is listed on the Android Market.


  • Inkbar operates on files within the Documents folder of the phone. It will create this folder if it does not exist already.
  • The Documents folder will not be automatically removed when Inkbar is uninstalled, in order to prevent unintentional loss of files.
  • Inkbar supports reading plaintext files with either windows (\r\n) or unix (\n) line endings.
  • File are saved as unix formated plaintext.
  • Inkbar does not require a .txt file extension when naming a new file. Windows and Mac OS users may wish to add one if they plan on copying their file to their computer.
  • For stability reasons, files larger than 102400 characters can not be shared via the 'share' menu option.
  • Inkbar will attempt to open any file it is instructed to, regardless of the size. Larger files slow the responsiveness of the application. The extent of this depends on hardware configurations. Use common sense when editing large files on a mobile device.
  • Any history files associtaed with files edited are located in /Android/data/com.keifermiller.inkbar/files/history.
  • History files are plaintext, and are created automatically when the user closes the editor with unsaved changes under normal circumstances.
  • HISTORY FILES ARE DELETED WHEN THE FILE THEY ARE ASSOCIATED WITH IS SAVED. These files are removed when the application is uninstalled.

Libraries In Use

ActionBarSherlock (
Robolectric (

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