Created: 2011-07-18 16:44
Updated: 2018-09-17 22:08
License: mit

backuptweets - Back up your Twitter tweets with Node.js without oAuth

Sure, the cloud is great, but you can never be sure if Twitter will get bought by the evil empire, is secretly controlled by Ruport Murdoch or might simply have a database crash sometime in the future.

Therefore, with the power of Node.js and this little module you can back up your tweets for safety.

Note that the Twitter API has a maximum of 3.200 tweets to return. So if you're a heavy tweeter you might want to run this module once in a while to make sure no gaps are left in your history.


Here's the contents of example.js:

var backuptweets = require('backuptweets'),
    fs = require('fs');

    "user" : "huskyr",
    "debug" : "true"
}, function(tweets) {
    if (tweets) {
        fs.writeFile("tweets.json", tweets.json, function() {
            console.log('json file ready');

        fs.writeFile("tweets.html", tweets.html, function() {
            console.log('html file ready');
    } else {


backuptweets(arguments, callback);

'arguments' should be an object with the following properties:

  "user" - Your Twitter user name. Required.
  "debug" - Returns lots of debug information in node's console. Defaults to false
  "max" - Maximum number of tweets to fetch. Defaults to Twitter's maximum (3200)

'callback' has one callback argument: an object with three properties:

  "json" - Contains your tweets as a JSON array
  "html" - A simple HTML page with your tweets
  "js" - The original Javascript array


Copyright 2011 Hay Kranen. Code released under the MIT license (see LICENSE.txt)

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