Created: 2011-07-18 16:01
Updated: 2015-09-10 20:58

Update: I will no longer compile Tunnelblick directly with openvpn-ipv6. Instead I will just compile openvpn-ipv6 and replace the openvpn executable shipped by Tunnelblick (located under<version>). This would be much easier to catch up with the new releases of Tunnelblick.

You can download my compiled 64bit openvpn binary for OS X on this github downloads page. I only use it on Lion, not sure if it works on Snow Leopard.


I need ipv6, but the stock Tunnelblick does not include unofficial ipv6 enabled openvpn due to security reasons.

This project simply uses jjo's openvpn-ipv6 to replace the openvpn used by Tunnelblick.

How to build

First install openssl. (I use homebrew to do this.)

Then run the following command.

git submodule update --init
cd tunnelblick
xcodebuild -configuration Release

Main Modifications to upstream project

  • Remove ppc target and use 10.6 SDK
  • Modify build system to use openvpn-ipv6, which is added as a git submodule
  • Use openssl 0.9.8r, 1.0.0d can't pass openvpn's configure script
  • Apply a patch to make openvpn-ipv6 to compile on OS X
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