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Updated: 2019-01-21 16:51
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Install opam, and then do opam install goblint to install the latest release.

For development, use make setup to install OCaml and all dependencies, and make to build.

Run goblint: ./goblint tests/regression/04-mutex/01-simple_rc.c.

If something goes wrong, take a look at for an example Ubuntu/macOS setup.


Goblint relies on GNU cpp to preprocess source files - the default clang cpp on macOS will not work. You can install it with brew install gcc (first do xcode-select --install if you don't want to build from source). You can check src/ to see what command is used to call cpp.


We recommend using WSL/bash for Windows 10. For older versions you can try to build using Cygwin. For a goblint binary package, follow these instructions. For building from source, install Cygwin using setup-cygwin-dev.bat and then do

wget "" && source

Docker container

You can run Goblint in a Docker container using:

docker run -it voglerr/goblint ./goblint --help

Virtual machine

A virtual machine containing Goblint can be set up using Vagrant:

vagrant up
vagrant ssh
sudo su -
cd analyzer

Web frontend

The analysis results are printed to stdout by default. Adding --html saves the results as XML, which is then transformed to be viewable in a web browser. Use make jar to build the needed Java program.

./goblint --html path/to/file.c && firefox result/index.xml
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