Created: 2011-07-18 15:05
Updated: 2013-10-18 00:22


This plugin has been writen by Carpe-Hora <> Camille Neron

Of course, check_pinba is under GNU GPL v2 :


  • mysqldb: for Debian, aptitude install python-mysqldb


Pinba is a realtime monitoring/statistics server for PHP using MySQL as a read-only interface. Pinba stores the data in a Mysql database. They are few tables, mainly these :

  • info
  • report_by_hostname
  • report_by_hostname_and_script
  • report_by_hostname_and_server
  • report_by_hostname_server_and_script
  • report_by_script_name
  • report_by_server_and_script
  • report_by_server_name
  • request

Currently, only the report_by_hostname, by script_name and by server_name tables are supported. But the scope will be extended according the needs.

To use this plugin you must specify:

  • database host
  • pinba database name
  • login and password to connect to the pinba database
  • the table that you want check (report_by ...)
  • the column that you want to get. For example, to report_by_hostname, req_count column (check your table content)
  • the value of the report type. For example, to report_by_hostname, you must specify the app server name
  • and like in almost any nagios plugin, the warning and critical value

An example of usage:

./ -H localhost -u pinba -p password -D pinba -r report_by_hostname -q req_count -v apache00

The plugin will connect to the database, and get the data with a SQL request.


  • add more supported tables
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