Created: 2011-07-18 14:35
Updated: 2015-03-16 23:12
License: other


This package includes two small libraries. The main library is located in 'solver' subfolder, it implements a solver of quadratic optimization problems defined using sparse model predictive control formulation for walking motion generation. The second library ('WMG' subfolder) is necessary to perform walking simulation, it produces input for the solver on each simulation step.

Tests and demos are placed in 'test' subfolder.


  • GNU make
  • Eigen (for WMG)

The libraries can be compiled in two ways:

  1. (Recommended) Using cmake:

    • Compilation: make cmake

    • Toolchain can be specified in the folowing way: make cmake TOOLCHAIN=< path to a toolchain >

  2. (Does not work on MAC) Using only GNU make:

    • compilation of the libraries: make
    • compilation of the libraries and tests: make test

Further information

The newest sources are available on GitHub:

The documentation generated by doxygen can be found here:

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