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Updated: 2019-01-13 21:10


DRS Analysis Tool (DAT) parses and analyses DRS output from Attempto Controlled English (ACE) parser (APE). You an use it to make a tool which works with inputs english sentences to generate, for instance, SQL queries, datas, etc...

DAT parses the DRS into an Ocaml's type, which you can play with.

For instance the sentence "Droopy is happy." is translated by APE in "drs([A, B], [property(A, happy, pos)-1/3, predicate(B, be, named('Droopy'), A)-1/2])". A parse function gives :

# parsecomplete "drs([A, B], [property(A, happy, pos)-1/3, predicate(B, be, named('Droopy'), A)-1/2]).";;

- : Syntax.fulldrs =
Syntax.FullDRS ([Syntax.Var "A"; Syntax.Var "B"],
[Syntax.Property1Ary (Syntax.Var "A", Syntax.Adj "happy", Syntax.Pos);
 Syntax.PredicateTransitive (Syntax.Var "B", Syntax.Verbe "be",
  Syntax.SubAtom (Syntax.Named "Droopy"), Syntax.Var "A")])


There's an experimental (and ugly) paraphraser. It works on simples examples.

# let g = FullDRS ([Var "J1"; Var "K1"; Var "L1"],
[Object (Var "J1", Nom "time", Countable, Na, Greater, Number 2, 13, 8);
 Object (Var "K1", Nom "day", Countable, Na, Eq, Number 10, 13, 13);
 PredicateTransitive (Var "L1", Verbe "vote", SubAtom (Named "User1"), Var "J1", Singular);
 Modifier_pp (Var "L1", Preposition "in", Var "K1");
 Modifier_pp (Var "L1", Preposition "for", SubAtom (Named "User2"))]);;

# paraphrase g;;
- : bytes list = ["User1 votes More than 2 time  for User2 "]

There's still syntaxes mistakes, but it almost works for a large subset of DRS.


DAT needs ocamlbuild and ocamlyacc/ocamllex. It is possible to use Mehnir, but it is not well tested.


Type make clean and make for building. You can play with DAT with the OCaml TopLevel, by typing :

$ ocaml -I _build/ parser.cmo message.cmo lexer.cmo syntax.cmo -init drsxp.ml 

drsxp.ml contains several test examples. It also contains "parse" function, which parses a DRS's string and translate it into the first grammar. "parsecomplete" parses the DRS's string and translate it in the DAT's grammar.

With make top you can play with this lib.

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