Created: 2011-07-18 10:13
Updated: 2016-10-14 05:55
License: gpl-3.0



Bash script for personal desktop microjournaling.

About microjournaling

Microjournal is a one-liner journal. It's similar to microblogging but meant to be used privately on your computer.

About MicroJournal

MicroJournal is a simple script that allows you daily microjournaling. It is still in early stages, and it doesn't have a large featureset, but it gets the job done. It is self-contained and will run on any platform which has Bash shell, and the Linux-compatible date utility.


Get MicroJournal directly from GitHub:

For example:

curl https://raw.github.com/foxbunny/MicroJournal/master/microj > ~/usr/bin/microj
chmod +x ~/usr/bin/microj

gets you the latest development version.

How to use

Copy microj script to any directory you want, and put its path in PATH. Make sure it is executable.

To add a new entry, simply type:

microj "Your entry"

If your entry contains spaces, make sure it is quoted.

To use microj interactively, start it by typing microj with no arguments, and it will list today's entries, and display a menu below. The menu itself should be self-explanatory.

Journal storage

Journal files are .microj files stored in your home directory. The main directory is located at $HOME/.microj. Inside that directory, there are two levels of subdirectories based on journal's date.

For example, Dec 26, 2012 journal would point to a file located at $HOME/.microj/2012/12/26.microj. The files are plain-text, so you can edit them by hand if you want to correct something.

Keep in mind that journal entries must be on one line. If you edit a file, be sure to keep it that way or else things will break.


NEWS.mkd contains the project changelog.


This software is released under GNU GPL v3. You can see the full text of the license on the GNU website, or in the LICENSE file.

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