Created: 2011-07-18 06:39
Updated: 2018-07-08 01:44


GAE Fast/Slow Queue is a useful little decorator/utility designed to help minimize App Engine taskqueues' degradation of user-facing request performance.

It optimizes taskqueue behavior by helping you separate fast-running tasks from slow-running and splitting the two into separate queues.

gae_fast_slow_queue is designed to replace common App Engine taskqueue/mapper situations like this:

def daily_activity_summary(user):
    if user.has_recent_activity():
        # Some slow task

...with this:

    lambda user: user.has_recent_activity()
def daily_activity_summary(user):
    # Some slow task


  1. Drop the following into your queue.yaml (you can change the default rates, the names are all that matters):
- name: fast-background-queue
  rate: 10/s

- name: slow-background-queue
  rate: 5/s
  1. Add fast_slow_queue to your project.

  2. Use the fast_slow_queue.handler decorator as shown in the example above for any common task queue entry point such as a mapreduce task, and always use fast_slow_queue.QUEUE_NAME when specifying the queue to be used:

    handler_spec = "daily_activity_summary",
    reader_spec = "mapreduce.input_readers.DatastoreInputReader",
    reader_parameters = {"entity_kind": "models.UserData"},
    queue_name = fast_slow_queue.QUEUE_NAME,

See for more about how this helps App Engine scale and why your users care.

This code is MIT licensed.

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