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Updated: 2015-04-17 17:29


Couch Scheduler

Schedule your CouchRest::Model::Base documents with start and end dates. What those start and end dates signify is up to you.


It's a gem called couch_scheduler. Install it in whatever way is appropriate to you.


The gem includes a module, CouchScheduler, that you can mix into your documents.

For example, let's imagine that the we have an Article model:

class Article < CouchRest::Model::Base
  include CouchScheduler

  property :title

You can now provide start and end dates for your articles:

@article = Article.create :title => "Couch Scheduler is simple and cool."
@article.start =
@article.end   = 6.days.from_now


CouchSchedule will use ActiveModel validation to ensure that your end is after your start:

@article.start =
@article.end   = 2.days.ago #==> false
@artile.errors #==> [:end, " must be greater than start"]


Now what can you do with these start and end dates? One use: publishing.

Let's imagine that you only to display this article on your website between the start and end dates. You can use the within_schedule? method to determine if an article is available for viewing given the current time:

@article.within_schedule? #==> true

# wait 6 days....

@article.within_schedule? #==> false

Query (.map_within_schedule)

You can also query the databases for all of the articles currently within their schedule via map_within_schedule:


map_within_schedule simply queries a map with a default key of You can pass any options to it that you would normally pass to a map function in CouchRest::Model::Base:

  #==> all the articles active 10 days from now

  #==> all the articles active between today and 10 days from now

If you're coming from a regular CouchRest::Model::Base background, you've likely not seen this lazy, chainable API before. CouchScheduler utilizes CouchView to create this functionality. Checkout the couch_view gem at

CouchScheduler also provides you with a convenience method for getting the count of the map_within_schedule map/reduce:

  #==> the number of documents that are currently within their schedule

Like map_within_schedule, count_within_schedule supports all the usual map/reduce options:

  #==> the count of all articles that are within their start/end dates 10 days from now

CouchPublish Integration

If you include CouchScheduler into a model that already includes CouchPublish, then you can use the publish and unpublish proxy methods:

# with a class definition like this:
class Article < CouchRest::Model::Base
  include CouchPublish
  include CouchScheduler

  property :title

# you can query for all published and currently scheduled documents like this:
  #==> returns all documents that are published and currently within their schedule

# you can also query for the unpublished and currently scheduled documents like this:

You can also pass use the "published" and "unpublished" query proxy methods on the count_within_schedule method.

CouchVisible Integration

If you include CouchScheduler into a model that includes CouchVisible, you'll get the following map/reduce functions for free:

  #==> all articles that are currently within their start and end dates and are shown

  #==> all articles that are currently within their start and end dates and are hidden


CouchPublish/CouchVisible integration

If you include CouchScheduler into a model that includes both CouchVisible and CouchPublish, you can use the published, unpublished, shown, hidden to your schedule query methods:



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