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...implements MetaWeblog in a simple Sinatra app. It uses Haml and DataMapper and is all set to be deployed on Heroku. I built it to power a blog which I'll write one day.


git clone
cd Adams

Shotgun it:

bundle exec shotgun

or start Thin:

bundle exec thin start

Now in MarsEdit, or the MetaWeblog-enabled blogging application of your choice, point the API endpoint to (or 3000 if you're running via Thin). Publish a post in MarsEdit, and, in your browser, head to (or 3000 if you're running via Thin). See your post?

That's kablamo.


What you should is this:

git remote rm origin
git remote add origin
git push origin master

Go nuts. The app as-is does very little. Add pagination? Show the most recent posts on the index page? Maybe categories or tags? This is all gold; write this down.

At the very least edit configuration.yml to reflect your personal values. (And please, please change the password.)

The front-end app is called Clover and it lives in the apps folder. The haml files are in the views folder. There's a public folder. You know what to do with that?


You can run the cukes thusly:

bundle exec cucumber

Are there any specs? No, there are not. Should you write some to test the MetaWeblog API endpoint? Yep.


Deploy it where you like. But why not Heroku?

heroku create myblogapp
git push heroku master


You changed the username/password combo in configuration.yml, right?

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