Created: 2011-07-17 18:41
Updated: 2016-10-02 07:12


It is BEM-based testing project, which shows basic project structure and use of various tools.



bem-bl-test setup

Clone git repo

git clone git://

Install dependencies

cd bem-bl-test
npm install

bem utility will be installed as ./node_modules/.bin/bem.

If you want to type bem and run locally installed bem utility you should add ./node_modules/.bin to your PATH

export PATH=./node_modules/.bin:$PATH

To install latest unstable version of bem globally you should run

npm install -g bem@unstable

bem make

To build your project run

bem make

This will build all files. Sequental executions of bem make will rebuild nothing but you can force rebuild by running

bem make --force

You can also build individual files by running

bem make pages/example/example.html

or force rebuild by running

bem make pages/example/example.html --force

You can also use GNU make proxy to bem make. Here are some examples

make clean
make pages/example/example.html

To rebuild all files run (specifying -B option to make will not work).

make clean all

bem server

To build your project dynamically run

bem server

Then point your browser to http://localhost:8080/example/example.html and you will get just built html page.

More options

For more info see bem make --help and bem server --help.

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