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Quick Start


CompassRose takes a list of divs and orients them using unit circle math.


//rotate all elements by 45 degrees
$('#nav').compassRose('rotate', 45);

Rotate accepts positive or negative numbers. Numbers greater than 360 degrees can be used for multiple rotations.

//rotates given element to given degree
$('#nav').compassRose('rotateTo', 'id', 90);

Zero(0) is "East"

//with no arguments, centers compassRose on the window.

If a point object (see the options) is supplied, centers compassRose on its x and y coordinates


$.compassRose.settings = {
    radius: '90%',
    arc: 360,
    center: true,
    point: {x:600, y:600},
    radialOffset: 0,
    centerElementId: 'compassRoseContent',
    centerElementLeftOffset: 0,
    centerElementTopOffset: 0,
    rotationEasing: undefined,
    easingSpeed: 2000,
    sliceWidth: 4,
    hoverFx: function(){jQuery.noop();},
    blurFx: function(){ jQuery.noop();},
    clickFx: function(){ jQuery.noop();},
    onRotateFx: function(){ jQuery.noop();}
  • radius - number or percent. Defines the radius of the compassRose relative to the page window. Uses smallest dimension (height or width) when determining radius by percent

  • arc - number. Defines the portion of a circle to orient compassRose elements on. 360 is a complete circle.

  • center - boolean. When true, centers compassRose on the browser window at initialization.

  • radialOffset - number. Causes compassRose to start orienting from a position relative to "North."

  • centerElementId - string. Defines the element to be centered within compassRose elements.

  • centerElementLeftOffset - number. Defines a relative offset on the x-axis of the center of compassRose.

  • centerElementTopOffset - number. Defines a relative offset on the y-axis of the center of compassRose.

  • rotationEasing - string. Name of easing function to be used during rotate and rotateTo calls. Supply your own for maximum flexibility.

  • easingSpeed - number. Milliseconds to perform easing function on radial animations.

  • sliceWidth - number. The number of degrees to move or step compassRose elements at a time when rotating without an easing function. The default is set to preserve the look of true rotational movement.

  • hoverFx - function. Function to be called when user hovers over compassRose element.

  • blurFx - function. Function to be called when user leaves compassRose element.

  • clickFx - function. Function to be called when user clicks on CompassRose element.

  • onRotateFx - function. Function to be called after compassRose is finished rotating.

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