Created: 2011-07-17 18:16
Updated: 2013-01-03 21:53


User Script : W3C HTML Elements


This is a user script to display additional information for each html element listed on the W3C elements page: W3C HTML Elements Page.

By default, it shows "Tag Omission" information, but you can specify a title and jQuery selector to get alternative information.

Please note this makes a large number of ajax requests after clicking the "Create Table" button. At the time of this writing there are 142 HTML elements listed on the page, therefore 142 ajax requests will be made after clicking the "Create Table" button. See screenshots section below for an idea of what the script does.


  1. Make sure you have user scripts enabled in your browser (these instructions refer to the latest versions of the browsers):
    • CHROME: User scripts are enabled by default. Continue to STEP 2.
    • FIREFOX: Install GreaseMonkey, then continue to STEP 2.
    • IE: Install Trixie. Continue to STEP 2.
    • SAFARI: Install SIMBL. Install GreaseKit. Continue to STEP 2.
    • OPERA: Follow instructions located on Opera's site: User JS. Continue to STEP 2.
  2. Install the "W3C HTML Elements" user script by clicking here: w3c-html-elements.user.js.
  3. Visit the W3C HTML Elements Page.


Before clicking the "Create Table" button:

Screenshot 1

After clicking the "Create Table" button:

Screenshot 2

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