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Updated: 2019-01-31 03:28



Stupidly easy support for the Instapaper, Pocket, Readability, Pinboard, Kippt, and Delicious bookmarking services on the iOS. Just #import "TJReadLater.h" and let 'er rip!


Each of the TJInstapaper, TJPocket, TJReadability, TJPinboard, TJKippt, and TJDelicious objects inherit from the TJReadingService object which exposes a common inerface for two simple bookmarking actions: authorization, and saving a bookmark. These are implemented as simple class methods with callbacks in the form of blocks, there is optional authorization UI added for convenience. You can access all of the available reading services by calling + (NSArray *)readingServices on TJReadingService.


In order to authenticate a user with a service, simply call + (void)authorizeWithUsername:(NSString *)username password:(NSString *)password callback:(void (^)(BOOL success))callback, once the authorization is complete, callback will be invoked on the main thread (if not nil) and success will indicate whether or not the authorization was successful. When successful auth occurs, the username/password combo is stored automatically. You can call + (BOOL)isLoggedIn to determine whether or not a user is logged into the service, + (NSString *)username to get the currently logged in user's username, and + (void)logout to log out from the service.

Additionally, the + (NSString *)name and + (NSString *)loginLabel methods are in place to get the name of a given service and what should appear in the login label (i.e. "Username", "Email", or "Username/Email").

Authorization UI

If manual authorization isn't your cup of tea, TJReadLater provides convenience view controllers for authorization of each service. Calling + (UIViewController *)authorizationViewController on a TJReadingService provides a view controller that can automatically handle authorization, this view controller should be presented modally. The same + (BOOL)isLoggedIn, + (void)logout, and + (NSString *)username methods work when using these view controllers.

Saving a Bookmark

Bookmark saving is done via the + (void)saveURL:(NSString *)url title:(NSString *)title callback:(void (^)(BOOL success))callback method. url is the deisred URL to be saved, title is the (optional) title of the link to be saved, and callback is invoked on the main thread (if not nil) at the completion of the save just like with auth. success indicates whether or not the operation was successful, just like with auth.


  • The Pocket API requires an API Key. In order to use the TJReadItLater object, you must fill in kTJReadItLaterAPIKey and kTJReadItLaterAppName in TJReadLaterConfig.h. There is a #warning highlighting this.
  • The Readability API requires OAuth keys. In order to use the TJReadability object, you must fill in kTJReadLaterReadabilityOAuthConsumerKey and kTJReadLaterReadabilityOAuthConsumerSecret in TJReadLaterConfig.h. There is a #warning highlighting this.
  • Using TJReadLater? Please email about it, I'd love to hear about it!


  • Make saveURL:title:callback: take id for URL and use either NSURL or NSString
  • Provide more descriptive error messages in the callbacks
  • Use newer, secure API endpoints that Instapaper and Pocket provide for storing tokens rather than passwords.
  • Upgrade TJDelicious to use the v2 API
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