Created: 2011-07-17 12:41
Updated: 2016-08-22 01:55

NERDtree plugin collections I use

This is my nerdtree plugin collection of my personal preference

And I'm not maintained to be helpfull for other developper currently.
So, don't blame me if you use this collection as-is and its not fit your preference.


help to define custom keymap in nerdtree buffer

to disable:

let g:loaded_nerdtree_plugin_local_mapping = 1


generate tags for specified directory

to disable:

let g:loaded_nerdtree_plugin_ctags = 1


thinca's localrc helper

to disable:

let g:loaded_nerdtree_plugin_localrc = 1


open target node with appropriate application command such as 'xdg-open' , 'gnome-open' , 'open'(for MacOS)
This plugin use Shougo's vimproc if instaled.

to disable:

let g:loaded_nerdtree_plugin_open = 1


miscellaneous helper for Shougo's unite.vim

to disable:

let g:loaded_nerdtree_plugin_unite = 1


open NerdTreeNode in Shougo's vimfiler

to disable:

let g:loaded_nerdtree_plugin_unite = 1


C: change tree root to the selected dir with l
u: move tree root up a dir with h

This is very very experimental and dirty hack.
This plugin is disabled by default.
So to enable this plugin

first. install

then set:

let g:loaded_nerdtree_plugin_unite = 0
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