Created: 2011-07-17 12:15
Updated: 2016-02-23 01:38

MAlice Compiler


  • This is a compiler written for a ficticious language called MAlice.

  • It was part of a lab exercise for 2nd year Computing students at Imperial College London

  • Our implementation was done in C, and the compiler produces output in Intel x86 assembly.

  • In the Compiler_Specification pdf there is the BNF of the compiler and what inputs it takes.

  • The Compiler_Evaluation pdf contains how we built the compiler


  • There are examples of the language in the examples directory and these can be compiled.
  • To use the compiler follow these steps: (assuming you are using a *nix environment)
    • Make the project in the src folder
    • Run the command $ ./compile input_file.alice
    • In the same directory as where the input file resides input_file.o, input_file.s, input_file (executable) are created
    • The input_file.s is the assembly file
    • Run ./_input_file and use the $ echo $? command to get the result of the program which was compiled and run
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