Created: 2011-07-17 07:46
Updated: 2018-11-15 10:45


BASH script and config collection

Convenient collection to unlock the power of your shell. Works in all UNIX environments, including cygwin. Conservative enhancement, does not disable any existing functionality.


  • Bash: enables color, large history, git support. Adds bash aliases, most notable the l to run ls with human readable file sizes and sorted ascendingly according to last changes
  • Vim: 2 spaces indent, UNIX file format, color scheme, line numbers, case-insensitive search, for "paste text" mode, spell checker EN, swap files in $HOME, encoding UTF-8, Ctrl+C for NerdTree integration (comment it in)
  • Htop: color scheme, page layout, meter settings, delays
  • Git: Bash integration, git diff ... uses vimdiff
  • R: Rstudio CRAN mirror, loading colorout, setwidth, vimdiff by default. Learn about vimdiff here: http://goo.gl/7SH1I


To install, follow these easy steps:

  1. Install the package
cd                                           # change directory to $HOME
git clone git://github.com/amaunz/home-bin   # clone the repository
cd home-bin                                  # change directory
./_init.sh                                   # install - it is safe to answer always 'y'

Please answer all questions with y, accepting the proposed changes. The changes are easy to revert if needed. Log out and in again to see the effect.

  1. Configure git Adjust ~/.gitconfig to use your name and email address for git commits:
  name = Firstname Lastname
  email = firstname@lastname.de

See also

  • Improved Ubuntu Terminal: Set up a decent terminal on UNIX and Windows (cygwin). This package contains many of the features listed there.
  • Using Vim on Linux: Unlock the power of Vim, the best text editor. This package contains many of the features listed there.


Andreas Maunz andreas@maunz.de, 12/2012

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