Created: 2011-07-17 02:40
Updated: 2017-10-14 17:52



This is a toolkit for building chat bots. It is intended to provide a way to build a bot from generic components that can be reused. As of this writing, it only supports chats over Jabber, but IRC chats could be added at anytime (patches welcome).

If you download it from github, you will need to install it using Dist::Zilla.

The preferred installation would be to fetch it from CPAN:

cpanm Bot::Backbone

or if you don't have App::cpanminus installed (you should), you can run:

perl -MCPAN -e 'install Bot::Backbone'

You will very likely want to install one of these modules as well:

cpanm Bot::Backbone::Service::IRChat
cpanm Bot::Backbone::Service::JabberChat
cpanm Bot::Backbone::Service::SlackChat

These will allow your bot to be configured to talk to servers running one of those chat protocols.

For an example on how to write a chatbot using this framework, you should see Tuesday, a chatbot maintained by the author:
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