Created: 2011-07-16 23:09
Updated: 2017-06-16 02:10
License: mit

m2pdb - Markdown To Pdf Documentation Builder

This project provide a simple way to create a pdf from your projects documentation wrote with markdown syntax. It's combining the strictness of markdown syntax, the flexibility of html/css and the portability of a pdf presentation. Your markdown documentation is converted to html and magically transformed to pdf by wkhtmltopdf package.


> npm install m2pdb



> m2pdb src_path output.pdf

In src_path the script must find some files :

  • settings.json: file containing your settings (describe below)
  • layout.html: main layout use for all your document. Content will replace the {{content}} variable.
    • all of your markdown files (with this extensions : .md or .markdown).

You can try with the embedded example of Node.JS documentaton by running this line :

> node index.js node_doc/ node.pdf

Note that all links are wrong : original documentation was written for a different context. But take look at the markdown documentation, you should find how to make your own anchors.

Example of settings.json

{"title": "Title of my project",
 "version": "v0.0.1",
 "index": "all",
 "output-args": ["--default-header", "toc"]}

Every {{keys}} in this object will be replace by its associated value during markdown to html conversion. There's two specials keys :

  • index: used as main file (in your src path) witch includes all your markdown files (use @include filename to include it).
  • output-args : used as parameters for wkhtmltopdf (more infos : wkhtmltopdf 0.10.0_rc2 doc)
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