Created: 2011-07-16 23:06
Updated: 2014-04-28 19:26


Naked Objects create applications without custom coded GUIs. The one interface is directly listing the members of an object; values can be modified, references followed, and methods executed.

Naked Javascript is barely a proof of concept at this point; It can edit simple values and display but not execute functions.

The look and feel is vastly improved by using [jQuery.UI](<, albeit in beta (I did make one small patch, which appears to be fixed in the upcoming code base.) I also did some source-code formatting with Chili.

Function editing will probably be a long shot. It will probably happen only in very restrained circumstances if at all - I don't know of any way to get at the previous function's scope of definition, so you won't necessarily have access to it's variables.

Simple strings and numbers can be edited in-place. The changes will affect the object, with a couple of caveats. First, related fields in i.e., DOM objects won't update; you can close and re-open a browser if necessary. All changes are transient; I haven't even looked at how saving might work when running on a local filesystem. Most of the things that can be done now are toys, but I do have one pointer to a text element on the page, which can be updated.

Limitations and Bugs

  • Only declared function arguments can be supplied
  • Modified state can't be saved
  • IE: function pretty-printing
  • IE: edit in-place doesn't seem to be calling call-backs
  • IE error on hasOwnProperty
  • DontEnum properies aren't shown
  • It remains to be seen if functions can be edited
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