Created: 2011-07-16 14:56
Updated: 2015-09-18 05:00


A partial implementation of Lapped Textures with Real-Time Hatching for animated surfaces.

Some notes:

  • The code is three years old :( It's from my Master's Thesis at University of Chile.
  • There are many features from Lapped Textures not implemented and some bugs.
  • There is a Vector Field Smoother class needed for Real-Time Hatching, but at the time of uploading this it doesn't work correctly. It's optional anyway.
  • The Curvature Estimator is based on Szymon Rusinkiewicz code from the trimesh2 library:
  • The License is GPL3

Dependencies (Included)


Not Included

  • Qt 4.x
  • nvidia Cg Toolkit nvidia-cg-toolkit
  • boost libboost-all-dev en ubuntu
  • qglviewer-qt4


Use cmake... more detailed notes soon.

Note about OpenMesh

The bundled version of OpenMesh has been modified in order to use Eigen's Vector types.

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