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Spree Print Invoice

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This extension provides a model Spree::BookkeepingDocument, which generates PDFs from any Spree Object with the help of View objects that translate between different object structures and PDF templates. It stores a "number" string as well as first name, last name, email, and amount with each document for convenient searching in the backend.

The Gem contains an example implementation for Invoices for Spree::Orders. The basic structure looks like this:

Spree::BookkeepingDocument takes as constructor arguments a printable (polymorphic AR object) and a template (string). It then passes on all actual data generation to a ViewObject. You can find these objects in app/spree/printables/#{printable}/#{template}_view.rb. The object will be instantiated upon PDF generation (look at the Spree::BookkeepingDocument#pdf method to see how it's done).

Spree::Order is patched so that it generates both an invoice and a packaging_slip on completion.

In the Spree::Admin::OrdersController#edit view, you'll find an additional button Documents, where all printable documents will be listed. Additionally, you can find all available Documents in a "Documents" tab in the main menu.


Add to your Gemfile

gem 'spree_print_invoice', github: 'spree-contrib/spree_print_invoice', branch: 'master'


bundle && exec rails g spree_print_invoice:install

Enjoy! Now you can generate invoices and packaging slips with sequential numbers from arbitrary Spree objects.


  1. Set the logo path preference to include your store / company logo.
Spree::PrintInvoice::Config.set(logo_path: '/path/to/public/images/company-logo.png')
  1. Add your own own footer texts to the locale. The current footer works with :footer_left1 , :footer_left2 and :footer_right1, :footer_right2 where the 1 version is on the left in bold, and the 2 version the "value" on the right.

  2. Override any of the partial templates.

  3. Many european countries requires numeric and sequential invoices numbers. To use invoices sequential number fill the specific field in "General Settings" or by setting:

Spree::PrintInvoice::Config.set(next_number: [1|'your current next invoice number'])

The next invoice number will be the one that you specified. You will able to increase it in any moment, for example, to re-sync invoices number if you are making invoices also in other programs for the same business name.

  1. Set page/document options with:
Spree::PrintInvoice::Config.set(prawn_options: { page_layout: :landscape, page_size: 'A4', margin: [50, 100, 150, 200] })
  1. Enable PDF storage feature

PDF files can be stored to disk. This is very handy if you want to send these files as email attachment.

Spree::PrintInvoice::Config.set(store_pdf: true) # Default: false
Spree::PrintInvoice::Config.set(storage_path: 'pdfs/orders') # Default: tmp/order_prints

Inside the storage_path a folder for each template will be created. Files will be saved with order number respectively invoice number as file name.

Customize templates

In order to customize the build in invoice and packaging slip templates you need to copy them into your app:

$ bundle exec rails g spree_print_invoice:templates

You can then customize them in the app/views/spree/printables directory.


From previous versions of spree_print_invoice, the syntax and location of the prawn templates has changed. Please copy new templates using rails g spree_print_invoice:templates and adapt according to your needs.

Adding templates for another model

In order to create a packaging slip for Spree::Shipments, do the following:

  1. Create a View object in app/models/printables/shipments/packagin_slip_view.rb:

    module Spree
      class Printables::Shipment::PackagingSlipView < Printables::BaseView
        def number
        # [ ... more code here, look at the BaseView to see what to implement ]
  2. Create a prawn template in app/views/spree/printables/shipment/packaging_slip.pdf.prawn. You can find orientation on the format and syntax of the template by looking at the packaging slip template for Spree::Orders in app/views/spree/printables/orders/invoice.pdf.prawn. Some familiarity with Rails templates will help a lot, as well as reading the prawn docs.

  3. Decorate the shipment model to generate a packaging slip at some point in its life cycle. You could go with a simple after_create Callback, or hook yourself into one of Spree's various state machines. Again, take the supplied app/models/order_decorator.rb as inspiration.

Using Prawn for templating

This Gem uses the prawn-rails to generate templates.


Name PDF view files like foo.pdf.prawn. Inside, use the pdf method to access a Prawn::Document object:

pdf.bounding_box [100, 600], width: 200 do
  pdf.text 'The rain in spain falls mainly on the plains ' * 5
  pdf.stroke do
    pdf.line pdf.bounds.top_left,    pdf.bounds.top_right
    pdf.line pdf.bounds.bottom_left, pdf.bounds.bottom_right


When you customize templates and you get the message "You have reached the end of the graphics stack", any one of the objects you're trying to place on your template is too big for the surrounding bounding_box. A common source of this is a missing translation, so make sure your translations are up-to-date.


See corresponding guidelines


Copyright (c) 2011-2015 Spree Commerce, and other contributors, released under the New BSD License

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