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Updated: 2019-02-17 02:07
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Rime is a tool for programming contest organizers to automate usual, boring and error-prone process of problem set preparation. It supports various programming contest styles like ACM-ICPC, TopCoder, etc. by plugins.

Detailed documentations (in Japanese) are found at documentation site:


Cheat sheet

Install Rime

$ pip install git+https://github.com/icpc-jag/rime

Upgrade Rime

$ pip install -U git+https://github.com/icpc-jag/rime

Uninstall Rime

$ pip uninstall rime

Initialize a project

$ rime_init --git/--mercurial

Add a problem

$ rime add . problem <problem_dir_name>

Add a solution

$ rime add <parent_problem_dir_name> solution <solution_dir_name>

Add a testset

$ rime add <parent_problem_dir_name> testset <testset_dir_name>

Build a target (project/problem/solution/testset)

$ rime build <target_path> -j <#workers>

Test a target (project/problem/solution/testset)

$ rime test <target_path> -C -j <#workers>

Pack a target for an online judge (project/problem/testset)

$ rime pack <target_path>

Upload a target to an online judge (project/problem/testset)

$ rime upload <target_path>

Submit a target to an online judge (project/problem/solution)

$ rime submit <target_path>

Edit a configuration file (project/problem/solution/testset)

$ vi/emacs/nano <target_path>/<PROJECT/PROBLEM/SOLUTION/TESTSET>

New features from Rime Plus

  • -O2, -std=c++11 as a default
  • Faster parallel test
  • native testlib.h support
  • subtask / partial scoring
  • reactive checker (partially support)
  • gcj-styled merged test
  • additional commands
  • pip support
  • judge system deployment
  • test result cache
  • some bug fix
  • JS / CSharp / Haskell codes
  • etc.

For developers

How to run unit tests

$ python setup.py test
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