Created: 2011-07-16 10:51
Updated: 2017-10-07 01:53
License: gpl-2.0


This is a fairly sophisticated (compared to others) "qauth" script. It keeps your eggdrop authed to Q on Quakenet, retrieves the bots auth' chanlevs from Q & L and requests op/invite/unban himself. Ideally, the only thing you'll need to do is set Username + Password and load the script, then (re)start the bot.

It will NOT work on networks other than Quakenet.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download/git-clone qnet.tcl to your scripts directory.

    Only qnet.tcl is needed. If you want easy upgrades, use git to clone the repository (optional!):

     $ cd scripts
     $ git-clone git://

    You do not have to use git. You can just as well download it manually.

  2. Edit your eggdrop.conf to include the following:

     set qnet(user) "authname"
     set qnet(pass) "your-password"
     set qnet(usex) 0
     set qnet(usechallenge) 0
     source eggdrop-quakenet-auth/qnet.tcl

    Set usex to 1 to make the eggdrop set +x BEFORE joining any channel.

    Set usechallenge to 1 to use Quakenets CHALLENGEAUTH mechanism. Note that this requires the tcl package 'sha1' >= 2.0.0 to be installed.

    On most systems, this is included in the 'tcllib' package; e.g. apt-get/aptitude install tcllib

  3. Rehash and/or restart the bot.

    If you're rehashing, you might need to do '.qnet auth' on your partyline. A restart, however, is recommended.

  4. Keeping up-to-date (only applies to git, not for manual download):

     $ cd scripts/qnet
     $ git pull

That should get you started just nicely. If you're having trouble, do not hesitate to mail me.


Channel Flags

+noserviceprotect (default: -)

Stops eggdrop from protecting its channels through Q/L (recover et al)

+noserviceop (default: -)

Stops Q from requesting op through the services.

+noservicevoice (default: -)

Stops Q from requesting voice through the services.

Advanced Features

For all advanced features, please have a look at the script itself; there are various additional settings you can set in your eggdrop.conf; those are documented there as well.


My bot always keeps messing about with Q and L and moaning about ops/deops.

Make sure Q & L are added as global friends & global ops! Its not necessary, but recommended to avoid clashes in general.

I am connecting through a bouncer, and eggdrop keeps trying to authenticate all the time, even though the server connection is already authenticated to Q.

This is a known issue. There is no workaround available, except setting qnet(authed) to 1, and running qnet:update manually every time eggdrop connects:

set qnet(user) ".."
set qnet(pass) ".."
set qnet(usex) ".."
set qnet(authed) 1
source scripts/qnet.tcl

I receive "You're already opped on #channel" on login.

This is a issue with eggdrops need-handling. There is no known fix, ignore it.

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